dbda participate in Green Office Week

dbda used Green Office Week (9th -13th May) to make the workplace a greener and more cost efficient place to work.

“The ‘Act On’ campaign really helped to focus everyone’s attention on particular themes where we wanted to review and improve our sustainability,” said Naomi Jones, who led activities. “We also set key actions for each day of the week which really got the whole office involved.”

Monday – Act on Energy: we focussed on using less energy and resources by turning off equipment not in use, thinking before printing and we also set up a recycled plastic bag area to encourage staff to take a bag with them to the shops!

Tuesday – Act on Transport: with Studio car sharing and most of the office walking to the shops on their lunch break our Carbon footprint was reduced.

Wednesday – Act on Waste: we reviewed our recycling processes and ensured that everyone was clear on what can and can’t be recycled. New larger, marked bins were put in place and each department was involved in the changeover. We have reduced our waste and increased our recycling as a result of these changes!

Thursday – Act on Purchasing: everyone was encouraged to suggest ways to reduce our purchasing, helping the environment and saving costs. These ideas will be reviewed by our Operations Manager and implemented in the coming weeks.

Friday – Act on Opportunity day: we blogged and tweeted our efforts throughout the week, this was time to promote what we had achieved. Our first Sustainable Employee (Nicki Della Porta, Business Director) was awarded for her green efforts at work and home!

The Week was a fantastic opportunity to work collectively to improve our green credentials and the processes put in place will continue throughout the year. Thank you to all our wonderful staff for taking part!

Naomi – dbda, Nationwide Education


dbda Act on Opportunity for Green Office Week

Green Office Week has been embraced by all staff at dbda and as part of this we have had the support of Green Ambassadors in each department so a big thank you to Marilena, Gareth, Emma and Gemma for all your efforts. We have also awarded Nicki with the title of Sustainable Employee of the week – great work!

“Having a different focus each day of the week has been surprisingly effective and has made it easy to do a quick review and see where there’s room for improvement. It’s been an opportunity to find out more about what we’re already doing at dbda and on the personal front has prompted me to switch to online billing (at last!). Thank you.”

The efforts do not stop here though, we are going to continue reducing our energy and waste as well as  increasing the awareness amongst our staff so that what we do in the office can be continued at home.


dbda Act on Purchasing for Green Office Week

Thursday is ‘Act on Purchasing’ day for Green Office Week and we have all been thinking about our consumables. Do we really need the amount of things that we purchase? Well, we have invited everyone at dbda to put forward their ideas of what we could cut out or reduce in the effort to lower consumption. The day is not yet over so we hope to have a long list of ideas to implement and share with you soon.

Are you taking part in Green Office Week? If so, what has been the most effective action so far?

dbda Act on Waste for Green Office Week and beyond!

So the third day of Green Office Week is upon us and today’s focus is to Act on Waste. Here at dbda, we already have a recycling process in place with separate bins for recyclable materials and bins for food scraps and items that cannot be recycled. But there’s always room for improvement! We’ve redressed our current system and have positioned the bins in more obvious places, replaced smaller bins with bigger ones and alerted all staff to keep a watchful eye on their waste.

We’ve collected up all our plastic bags and placed them in a central place so staff can re-use them on their lunch-breaks and we’re also continuing to collect used batteries so they can be recycled as well as collecting waste paper in order to print on the blank side and setting our printer’s default tray to ‘recycled’. It all helps!

We aim to continue and improve upon our waste reduction systems and inspire all to do the same  at home.

dbda Act on Transport for Green Office Week

Today is ‘Act on Transport’ day,  the second theme of Green Office Week.

Members of our studio have taken part in car sharing activities to help reduce their carbon footprint today, whilst others have made a concerted effort to walk to the shops during their lunch break, rather than drive or take public transport, proving that exercise can help keep those creative juices flowing!

Our senior management have spent the day travelling from Scotland to Harrow on the train, rather than take the plane and taking public transport to meetings.  We’ve even got our MD to agree to take the bus to work one day this week which is no small feat given the amount of paperwork she carries around!

Even though this theme is for one day, we realise that it is important to use sustainable methods of transport for as long as we can.

dbda doing their bit during Green Office Week

It’s Green Office Week this week and dbda are doing their bit to contribute to energy saving efforts.

Today marks ‘Act on Energy’ and each department is focussing on a different aspect of energy reduction. Our studio is aiming to use less paper and reduce printing. IT/New Media are focussing on the separation of recycled materials. Our admin team are making efforts to purchase less, to save money and reduce the amount of stationary we use. The account teams will be making sure to keep you up to date with our efforts, via this blog, our Twitter and our official Facebook page!

Tomorrow, we tackle ‘Act on Transport’. Keep in the loop with what we’re doing. Perhaps you have some tips to share, or you’d like to tell us how you are supporting Green Office Week?

Gemma, Account Manager

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