Have fun with fonts!

If you’re at a loose end on Friday night – make your way over to the Design Museum (London) for your chance to get familiar with fonts!
This fun and graphically inspired event takes place from 6-10pm and gives you a chance to take part in hand on workshops, compile your own alphabet compendium and much, much more.
Visit the Design Museum website to find out more.

PepsiCo launches world’s first ‘green’ bottle

Lots of talk about ‘bottle wars’  this week as Pepsi announced that it has developed the world’s first 100% plant-based bottle – beating its rival Coca-Cola to the green post.

The new bottle is made from switch grass, pine bark and corn  husks (basically plant waste) and PepsiCo plan to pilot production in 2012. They also hope to use orange peel, potato scraps, oat hulls and other leftovers from its food business as renewable sources in the future.

Read the full story at http://bit.ly/gegV4z

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Check out Alzheimer’s ‘Brain Map’ for iPhone

Alzheimer’s Society iPhone app Brain Map has been developed so that everyone can learn more about the brain and dementia. You can snap a photo of your friend’s brain and then rotate our 3D model to examine the different parts of the brain and find out what each bit does.

What does the cerebellum control? Why is the brain stem so important? Just what is the limbic system? Find out the answers to all these questions and more by downloading our free Brain Map iPhone app.

Source: Alzheimer’s Society website – www.alzheimers.org.uk

Grain Edit – Malota Projects

I found this on creative blog FFFFOUND! and like it.

79 Ideas e-Magazine

This is a lovely e-magazine called 79 Ideas. It is very sweet and has a romantic theme this issue as it is centered around Valentine’s Day and contains some beautiful things you may like to do to celebrate love and joy in your life 🙂

I really enjoy the image based layout and ease that it can be looked at.

Radostina Bosseva is the creative blogger behind 79 Ideas. She also happens to be a graphic designer and she takes lovely photos, too. She did a very nice job producing this and luckily she has an English issue in addition to the original Bulgarian version.

Source:  http://issuu.com/radostinabosseva/docs/79ideas_01_english?mode=embed&layout=http://skin.issuu.com/v/color/layout.xml&backgroundColor=FFFFFF

Learn STEM, find hamburgers for aliens

Last year US President Barack Obama initiated the National STEM Video Game Challenge, and now this has borne fruit in the form of Mission Earth: The Search for Hamburgers. The Video Game Challenge’s official web site showcases many more games like it.

Source: Kotaku (Jamie)

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