El Palauet Living – identity

2010. Identity for luxury apartments in Barcelona.

Designed by Iris Tarraga, a graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain. She previously worked at design and communications consultancy Marnich for 3 years before going it alone at the start of 2011.

I really like the use of the marker-pen lettering to achieve a more personal, casual feel whilst maintaining the luxury aspect using the silver metalic card. Very nice.

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Have fun with fonts!

If you’re at a loose end on Friday night – make your way over to the Design Museum (London) for your chance to get familiar with fonts!
This fun and graphically inspired event takes place from 6-10pm and gives you a chance to take part in hand on workshops, compile your own alphabet compendium and much, much more.
Visit the Design Museum website to find out more.

Design Museum — Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2010

Cartlidge Levene designed the exhibition for the 2010 awards. I really like that although the bright beacon-like pillars are wrapped in broken section titles, its still legible from each corner due to the repeat.

I found it on SeptemberIndustry, but cant seem to find it on their website.

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50 extremely awesome examples of typography

Some lovely examples of typography. Showing here just one of many interesting ways to design with type.

Visit http://blog.reflexstock.com/2010/08/50-extremely-awesome-examples-of-typography/ to see the other examples on this site.

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Eames poster

The typographical poster by I Love Dust is a bit lovely, I think.

“Inspired by a TV conversation between Charles and Ray Eames, we worked on a series of design and illustration pieces based around graphics of the era.”

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a beautiful French film..

An ad for the EF Language School.
If you weren’t thinking about learning French already, you might now. Stunning videography and graphics. Love love love this!

Here are some stills but please click on the link because not sure how to upload the video!


Video: Directed by Gustav Johansson, D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf, Typography: Albin Holmqvist, Produced at Camp David

Letters & Numbers – online portfolio

Letters & Numbers is the portfolio of New York-based graphic designer and art director Steve Rura. The website itself has some beautiful elements – the way the images load out of a spotted pattern is lovely and the horizontal scroll element to view further images of each project works well.

I also particularly like the identity and stationary he has created for The Living Room restaurant at hotel The Maidstone.

Source:  http://www.letters-numbers.com/

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