Give a car – and make a difference

This is a really great idea where everyone’s a winner – you, charity and the environment!

Giveacar is a social enterprise that allows you to donate your old car – whether it’s roadworthy or only good for scrap. Their aim is to raise as much money as possible for registered charities and to recycle cars to the highest environmental standards.

It’s really simple too – you contact Giveacar, they send a tow truck to collect your car (at no cost to you), it’s then sold at a salvage auction or disposed of via an authorised treatment facility. The money raised is donated to the charity of your choice. Voila!

Read more on the Giveacar website

Let us know if you’ve scrapped your car for charity.

Nicki, Business Director, dbda


JustGiving to target corporate donors and boost employee fundraising

This month will see the launch of JustGiving’s online fundraising service for corporates.

First launched in 2000, JustGiving uses the internet to enable people to raise funds for charities easily and cost-effectively. This new service, initially targeted at the FTSE100, will allow companies to use the JustGiving software on their own branded websites.

The new platform has potential to help companies raise the profile of their employee fundraising within the business, increase employee engagement and empower staff in their charity giving. Extra features will include leaderboards with running totals of signed-up users, number of donations and total amount raised by employees.

It also promises to add some fun into the process, enabling companies to organise employees into groups so departments can be pitted against each other to raise more funds – which can’t be a bad thing!

In 2010 over £190.2m was raised through JustGiving (including Gift Aid).

Visit the JustGiving website to find out more.

Nicki, Business Director, dbda

BBB advice on avoiding tsunami scams

In the aftermath of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake, the Better Business Bureau has warned people to be cautious when donating to charties following a rise in scams and fraudulent groups who try to solicit donations following major disasters.

The BBB have posted advice and tips. Full article via

Nicki, dbda

Shoe Box Lixing Exhibition

An interesting and touching exhibition produced by vulnerable children. They were asked to create a shoebox room, that in some way represents their homes. Supported by the children’s charity “Kids Company”. See more at

PB, studio, dbda

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