dbda launches online Webshop!

The dbda Webshop is now the home of all dbda and The Children’s Traffic Club products at shop.dbda.co.uk

dbda Webshop

There is a special offer of a 5% discount on all orders placed before 28th February 2011 (please note, the prices shown on the Webshop already include this special offer discount).

Customers can still order products over the phone or request a FREE catalogue by calling dbda on 0870 333 7771 or emailing sales@dbda.co.uk

The Children’s Traffic Club members and participating authorities are entitled to a 20% discount.

To arrange your discount, find out how to become a member or participate as a local authority, call The Children’s Traffic Club on 0870 010 4440.

Hurry to get your discount! shop.dbda.co.uk


Check out Alzheimer’s ‘Brain Map’ for iPhone

Alzheimer’s Society iPhone app Brain Map has been developed so that everyone can learn more about the brain and dementia. You can snap a photo of your friend’s brain and then rotate our 3D model to examine the different parts of the brain and find out what each bit does.

What does the cerebellum control? Why is the brain stem so important? Just what is the limbic system? Find out the answers to all these questions and more by downloading our free Brain Map iPhone app.

Source: Alzheimer’s Society website – www.alzheimers.org.uk

Pearson/Edexcel – Jamie’s Cooking Skills

Pearson/Edexcel – Jamie’s Cooking Skills (Home Cooking Skills qualification)


  • Site supports the Home Cooking Skills qualification
  • Qualification profile:
    • Consists of two single unit BTEC qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2
    • Both qualifications are fully funded on the QCF and contribute to Performance Points
    • Free online Teacher Support Materials accompany the course. They have been designed with teacher-ease in mind. They are user-friendly enough for those teachers without a home economics qualification to be able to teach, while at the same time providing exciting content for more experienced teachers and those who already have a good knowledge of food and cooking.
    • Includes printable recipes, skills-based videos, activity sheets, facts sheets, learner records, feedback and gallery.
    • This fulfilled a need to engage young people with the subject and is a good fit for a qualification and Jamie’s altruistic interests. Jamie’s mission was to focus on cooking, but the question begs the transference of elements of his empire to other subject areas e.g. business skills, buying and selling, public/media relations, people, entrepreneurialism.

Also check out: Money and Finance Skills – developed in partnership with Nationwide Building Society using the free, award winning NationwideEducation.co.uk  resources.

Source: BETT Show 2011

Clipbank (4 Learning and part of Espresso)

Clipbank (4 Learning and part of Espresso) www.channel4learning.com/clipbank

 • Cross-curricular digital video learning service for secondary schools

 • Subscription based and includes video clips to introduce concepts and reinforce learning, topical ‘News Bites’ to generate discussion, interactive activities to engage interest, teachers’ resources for planning and professional development. Includes activities and worksheets.

• Software installed in schools

• Welcome pack including Get Started guide

• INSET sessions to help teachers embed clips into lessons

• Weekly email newsletter and regular subject updates

• Blog and discussion forum to post and share ideas with others

• Technical and curriculum support

• Free home access for teachers and students

• Files (worksheets that can be tailored), teacher notes, transcripts and vocab text can be cut and pasted into Word for personalisation.

• Subject areas: Art & design, Business, D&T, English, French, Geography, German, History, ICT, Maths, Music, PE, PSHE & Citizenship, RE, Science, Spanish.

Source: BETT Show 2011

Jaguar ‘The Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools’

Jaguar ‘The Jaguar Cars Maths in Motion Challenge for Schools’
• About: using PC-based simulation linked directly with practical mathematics, students work together in small teams, over a period of time, trying to win a series of aces against their classmates. They use basic mathematics and more.
• Challenge aim: to win races in school, get through the regional heats and reach the National final; to raise achievement levels and the perception of maths in schools.
• Who’s eligible: All UK primary and secondary schools for three ages: any primary age Years 7-9 and Years 10-11.
• Maths topics covered: percentages, multiplication, division, calculators, decimals, rounding, rations, chance, risk, measuring angles, measurement, scale, speed, distance, time, mean, modelling, graphs, stats, engine tuning, aerodynamics, suspension and gears.
• Subjects: Maths, Science, Technology, Engineering, D&T and English. Students are eligible to apply for bronze CREST award.
• How it works: work through practical maths, measuring and scaling real race tracks, determine characteristics of the circuit. This info entered into software and merged with decisions made about fuel carriage, tyre types, car set-up and driver temperament. All cars are then raced and if answers are wrong they will crash. Lead Centres and individual schools can purchase software package.
• Timeline: In-school Champions (Feb/March 11); LA (Local Authority boundary) winners announced (Mar 11); Semi Finals (May 11); Finalists announced (May 11); National Final (June 11).

Source: BETT Show 2011

The BETT Award winners 2011

  • Early Years & Primary Digital Content: Q&D Multimedia – busythings.co.uk  
    an online subscription service hosting software dedicated to Early Years and SEN pupils.
  • Secondary, FE & Skills Digital Content: Lightbox Education and Parliament’s Education Service MP for a Week
    Parliament’s Education Service works with schools and Members of both Houses of Parliament to support young people in developing their understanding of Parliament and democracy.
    MP for a Week: Step into the shoes of an MP. Decide on laws, debate with other MPs, deal with the media, make a speech in the House of Commons Chamber and meet ministers and your constituents. Can you keep your party and your voters happy to survive the week?
  • Tools for Learning and Teaching: EMAS UK
    EMAS UK is the National EMAS service that supports schools and teachers to deliver quality education to pupils that do not have English as their first language (EAL).
  • Digital Collections and Resource Banks: English and Media Centre – The Poetry Station
    In 2009 the English & Media Centre was awarded a small grant from Arts Council of England to create a freely accessible web-based video channel and portal for poetry.
  • Leadership and Management Solutions: South West Grid for Learning Trust – 360 degree safe
    The 360 degree safe online tool provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to review their eSafety provision and to develop an action plan to bring about improvements. The tool is currently free of charge to schools on completion of a simple registration process.
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