Bondi holder – animation

Lovely little animation that does a very good job at promoting a gadget that would probably go very unnoticed in a market of other holder silicone things. Personifying Bondi and making him into a series of characters was a very clever idea.

MF, studio, dbda

“Little Boat” by Nelson Boles

“Little Boat”, an animation by Nelson Boles. A beautiful piece of illustration, animation and filmmaking, with a touching story.

Watch the animation below!

MF, studio, dbda

Fantastic Flying books

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad App Trailer from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

William Joyce’s “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” is an interactive narrative experience for the iPad. The app impressively blurs the line between picture books and animated film. Magical!

MF, studio, dbda

Evian “baby inside” ad

Very inventive ad campaign promoting Evian water, using stop motion animation promoting the Evian effect,

dbda, studio, PB

Bringing toys to life

Came across this set of Toy Photography on Phototuts+ and thought how beautiful (mostly) they were. Could be a lovely animation style to make a character model and shoot it in real world settings!

MF, Studio, dbda

New Corsa Advert / ‘Blu’ wall animation

The new Corsa Advert – which shows animation on the walls of the city as the guy is driving around – led me to look into other films of wall animation.

Corsa advert screenshot

Corsa Advert showing wall animation

Although still liking the way the Corsa advert is done, I have found some other interesting graffiti wall animation which are fab. Really creative and fun and lovely to watch.

'Blu' wall animation Big Bang Big Boom

'Blu' wall animation Big Bang Big Boom

MUTO - a wall animation by Blu

Also check out their own website:

CE, Studio, DBDA

Jamie’s Dream School Trailer

Saw this quirky animated trailer for Jamie’s Dream School. I was impressed with both the animation style and the way the campaign has been run out across all media in the approach to Launch. I don’t think any terrestrial channel promotes itself, and it’s shows better than Channel 4

PB, studio, dbda

Letters & Numbers – online portfolio

Letters & Numbers is the portfolio of New York-based graphic designer and art director Steve Rura. The website itself has some beautiful elements – the way the images load out of a spotted pattern is lovely and the horizontal scroll element to view further images of each project works well.

I also particularly like the identity and stationary he has created for The Living Room restaurant at hotel The Maidstone.


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