Nest – the Learning Thermostat

Visionary Tony Fadell who, back in the day, was in charge of the iPod at Apple *just* launched a brand new product called Nest, the world’s first Learning Thermostat.

Nest learns from your temperature adjustments, programs itself to keep you comfortable, and guides you to energy savings. You can control the thermostat from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and Nest never stops learning, even as your life and the seasons change.


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Coke slakes oil thirst with sustainable packaging

Coca Cola yesterday released the first of more than 200 million PlantBottle packages to hit UK shelves this year, as part of a global rollout comprising more than five million packs across 20 countries.The 500ml bottles developed with WWF are made of up to 22.5% bioethanol from sugarcane and up to 25% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic.

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Act Bolder

Act Bolder is a site that helps people to trigger and discover experiences that make the world a little better, one action at a time. You can start a challenge yourself or browse through the challenge catalogue and do positive actions to earn rewards. Anyone can respond to a challenge and earn a reward. Every challenge is a unique creation started by businesses or people. Challenges pose a request for users to take action, have a little fun, and be part of something that drives positive change.

Here are some examples:

Go completely waste-free for a day
Say no to disposable bag at check-out
Make a regular work meeting a walk meeting

If enough people meet the challenge, the person posing it has to do something in return. For example: Eric A claims that if 25 people go waste-free for a day he’ll go waste-free for a week! But the site goes beyond the personal challenges, it invites companies to pose challenges..

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dbda re-brands BMW Education to become BMW Group Education

The Education Programme, which has a long-established commitment to supporting education across the UK, was launched over 17 years ago as part of BMW’s corporate responsibility commitment providing schools with free, curricular-linked and award-winning educational resources covering the themes of Science and Technology (Young Academy), Energy and the Environment (Energised and Clean Energy) and road safety (Safe on the Street).

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Debate on incentivising recycling schemes in London continues

The London Assembly released a report reviewing the debate on incentivising recycling schemes in London – with the conclusion that although it may encourage a change in behaviour, it is unclear if this would be sustained over time.

I am curious to see the outcome of Lambeth Council’s recycling RecycleBank pilot scheme, which rewards residents for recycling. Points add up and can be redeemed for vouchers to be used in the local community. I think this is a great example of building a sustainable community – both in ensuring we reduce our waste, but also in investing in the local economy.

There is a good article in Business Green that discusses this further here.

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Can marketing save the planet – One Day?

The Marketing Society is calling on the collective powers of communications industry to take mass action for ‘One Day 1.1.11’, an initiative where businesses, brands and media owners are being asked to embrace one central theme for 24 hours to ‘Think about and do something sustainable today’.

The marketeers and consumers are being encouraged to participate in the day which is calling for all UK marketing and advertising to be ‘sustainable’ on 1 November 11, on TV, radio, press, online – in stores schools, offices and on the streets.

One Day is a Start initiative and is supported by the Marketing Society and Business in the Community and aims to:

  • Get 1 million consumers to pledge to change their lifestyle in one small way which will make better use of natural resources
  • Get 100 plus top brands engaged in One Day
  • Demonstrate the persuasive power of the UK marketing industry

Read more about One Day 1.1.11 and how you can get involved.

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New Sustainable Living Games added to Nationwide Education

Following Climate Week and just in time for Earth Day, dbda has designed and developed new additions to the Nationwide Education Sustainable Living programmes for pupils and students aged 4-16 years.
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