“Little Boat” by Nelson Boles

“Little Boat”, an animation by Nelson Boles. A beautiful piece of illustration, animation and filmmaking, with a touching story.

Watch the animation below!

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The artist / illustrator Cheeming Boey from the U.S. decided it would be a good idea to make his art on polystyrene disposable cups, just with a marker. And he was right because his creations sell for up to $ 1,000 per cup! … Nice work!

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Abigail Edwards’ Seascape wallpaper

Abigail Edwards’ new Seascape wallpaper designs – just cos they are quite lovely.

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Collecting Vintage Children’s books

An interview on Collecting Collections with illustrator Ward Jenkins, looks at his fantastic and extensive vintage children’s book collection. Click through for the interview but here are some of images showing his captivating collection!

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Pop and Lolli wall decal

Pop & Lolli make beautiful BIG illustrated wall decals that are totally removal and repositionable. I think they are lovely, and there is such a wide range of themes and characters.

Website is rather cute and quirky too – have a “nest” to add items to rather than a basket. Sweet idea.

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Penguin adverts

The Penguin adverts for their Audiobook classics – showing the book characters climbing in the ear canal of the listener. Beautifully illustrated, they combine the monochromatic, detail-oriented illustration style of anatomical drawings with the pastel colors and fantasy of children’s literature.

(via Flavorwire)

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Paintings by Ella Amitay Sadovsky

Lovely painting by Ella Amitay Sadovsky. Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Have fun with fonts!

If you’re at a loose end on Friday night – make your way over to the Design Museum (London) for your chance to get familiar with fonts!
This fun and graphically inspired event takes place from 6-10pm and gives you a chance to take part in hand on workshops, compile your own alphabet compendium and much, much more.
Visit the Design Museum website to find out more.

Sketch Restaurant – Parlour Menu

Found this menu with lovely quaint illustrations throughout for the Parlour restaurant at Sketch. Each one has an oldy worldy feel, illustrating the item by inferring a personality type. Unfortunately they chose not to adopt a similar approach to their website, but I think this is just so cute. Check out the whole thing by clicking here.

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Alphabet prints

A bit similar to the alphabet vegetables from last week, but these illustrations are just so pretty. By Woop, the “designers of Harry Potter,” apparently…

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