30 gifts to 30 strangers

To celebrate his 30th birthday Lucas Jatoba walked around and handed out 30 gifts to 30 complete strangers. Watch the video below!

More people should do more things like this 🙂

MF, studio, dbda

The Power of The Sun

Visual exploration of the Power of the Sun by GE and Barbarian Group – stunning results!

MF, Studio, dbda

Bob Geldof supports Decade for Action with The Children’s Traffic Club

Marking the start of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, this video features the aims of this initiative, with Bob Geldof KBE highlighting the contribution of The Children’s Traffic Club.

Switch On. Switch Off. A video to inspire you to switch off the standby button on home and office appliances

This rhythmic and visual tour of how to conserve energy in our homes, directed by Chris Bran, inspires us to reach for the ‘Off’ button.

Turn it, click it, press it, buzz it, eject it and turn off  gadgets when we’re not using them.  5% of our domestic energy is spent on appliances left in standby mode. At dbda, we do our best to conserve energy, one way is to turn off the computer monitor when leaving for the day.

Gemma, Account Manager, dbda


“With all the YouTubes and Vimeos of the world, a lot of people find it difficult to discover quality video content. Unlike television, where shows are curated by broadcasters competing to produce a better lineup every year, online videos live in an endless, unfiltered pile. The creators of Vidque wanted a single platform that celebrates quality over quantity, with an emphasis on discovery and durability.” – Swissmiss

MF, Studio, dbda

In A Flash: Meet the Ansteys (Intro)

This hard-hitting and unique, multimedia resource developed by dbda on behalf of London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) aims to address key issues faced by young people in their pre driving and early driving years. It is based around an emotive storyline where the lives of five young people are changed forever, in one night. Take a look at the first of nine parts.

a beautiful French film..

An ad for the EF Language School.
If you weren’t thinking about learning French already, you might now. Stunning videography and graphics. Love love love this!

Here are some stills but please click on the link because not sure how to upload the video!


Video: Directed by Gustav Johansson, D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf, Typography: Albin Holmqvist, Produced at Camp David

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