“With all the YouTubes and Vimeos of the world, a lot of people find it difficult to discover quality video content. Unlike television, where shows are curated by broadcasters competing to produce a better lineup every year, online videos live in an endless, unfiltered pile. The creators of Vidque wanted a single platform that celebrates quality over quantity, with an emphasis on discovery and durability.” – Swissmiss

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Skillshare just launched and it seems like rather an exciting concept! Skillshare’s mission is to flip the notion of traditional education on its head and democratize learning. They believe that anyone can be a teacher, and everyone has valuable knowledge and skills to share. I couldn’t agree more! At the moment its only in NYC for now, but it seems that they will be expanding to other cities in the US and eventually other countries.

You can sign up to classes or be a teacher, set up a class and sell tickets to it. There are some very useful looking ones already set up – definately worth a look.

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Disney Nature

Although I can’t actually find an active link for this site, the 2008 visuals for Disneys Nature site that informs and follows on from the environmental issues addressed in some of their movies.

Find more visuals on designer, Andy Gugel‘s portfolio.

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Letters & Numbers – online portfolio

Letters & Numbers is the portfolio of New York-based graphic designer and art director Steve Rura. The website itself has some beautiful elements – the way the images load out of a spotted pattern is lovely and the horizontal scroll element to view further images of each project works well.

I also particularly like the identity and stationary he has created for The Living Room restaurant at hotel The Maidstone.


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