Nationwide Education programme gets the Big Tick!

We’re pleased to announce that Nationwide’s Living on your side education programme has received a ‘Big Tick’ from Business in the Community (BITC). And not only this, but the programme has also been shortlisted in BITC’s Responsible Business awards, the results of which will be announced in July.

Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards identify, celebrate, and showcase businesses demonstrating a positive, sustainable and societal impact as part of their Responsible Business journey. Around 100 Big Ticks are given each year as part of the awards, recognising success within a range of categories.

Steve Howard, CEO of Business in the Community commented; “I congratulate Nationwide for its Big Tick today, which recognises that it is part of a movement of companies creating value by living their values. We hope their example will inspire many more businesses to put responsible behaviour at the heart of how they do business.”

Our Education programme is a key part of our Living on your side strategy, which we launched last year. Through the programme our aim is to provide help and support to 500,000 young people by 2017. It’s a big target, so we have been working hard over the last year to get started.

Addressing a lack of engaging resources

Schools told us it was hard to find money skills resources which were fun and interactive whilst supporting the curricula and that learning needed to start from an earlier age. Our award winning Nationwide Education website provides resources for students, teachers and parents to make finance and employability learning more fun through interactive games, worksheets and lesson plans. Everything on the website is independent, curricula aligned and totally free. Last year the site welcomed over 138,000 unique users.

Addressing a need for practical support in schools from businesses

Schools told us they wanted to help build a bridge between education and employment and at the same time we knew that our employees wanted to get more involved in their local communities. So we launched SchoolsLink, our schools volunteering scheme where our employees develop links with schools in their area and support teachers with money skills and employability learning. Last year we supported over 180 schools and youth charities, reaching around 20,000 young people.

Addressing a need for broader support for financial education in schools

We have been pushing for financial education to be part of the national curricula for several years. So we welcomed the recent decision to add money skills to several parts of the curricula within both maths and life skills lessons. Together with partners like National Numeracy we will continue to campaign for more focus on numeracy and money skills in the UK.

You can find out more about the education programme by visiting our Living on your side pages here on Your Nationwide.

National Family Week 27 May – 2 June

National Family Week is the largest annual celebration of families and positive family values in the UK.

Since launching in 2009, families have enjoyed competitions, and savings and over 15,000 family friendly events have been held all over the country.  National Family Week is continuing to grow and 2013 promises to be the biggest yet.

This year will feature National Family Week Live, over 6,000 community events – from family fun days and picnics to story times and sports days, as well as competitions and special discounts.


Green Home Guide re-launch

This week sees the re-launch of the popular Green Home Guide, you can now get all the most current information and useful tips you need to living a more eco-friendly existence at home.  Learn how you can make carbon and energy saving changes that could protect your wallet and help save the planet too!  Our client, Nationwide Education, is a recognised leader in the field and are proud to provide positive and impartial guides which are is independent and free of Nationwide’s products or services.

The Green Home Guide follows the familiar interactive step-by-step format also used for the Home and Money Guides. It is also tablet and smartphone friendly.   A detailed word glossary helps make sense of the jargon and there are useful contacts providing links to still more information.

Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs commented; ‘Houses are very inefficient machines.  They’re badly put together, hard to heat, badly designed. With 27% of the UK’s overall CO2 emissions coming from our homes, reducing energy in our houses is a given. So full marks to Nationwide for coming up with this user-friendly interactive Green Home Guide which shows you how to reduce your carbon footprint, save on households bills and live a more sustainable life.

There are now nine of these guides; check them out today at


The Worldwide Campaign To Knit Sweaters For Penguins

Many blue penguins were caught in a recent oil spill off the coast of New Zealand and a yarn store called Skeinz has come to their rescue. They came up with the idea to knit sweaters for the affected penguins who are waiting to be scrubbed clean, this way they won’t injest the oil when they preen themselves. Sweaters have been pouring in from all over! What a wonderfully creative way to help!

As it stands right now they may have more than enough sweaters but you can keep tabs on the situation via the link below!

Skeinz blog:


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Film Biz Recycling

Film Biz Recycling a fantastic Brooklyn-based non-profit keeping furniture and props from film sets out of the trash, creating socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste.

Shame there is no way to buy from them!

(via swissmiss)

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Creating the Future of Education and Work

Creating the Future of Education and Work wants to help educators foster creativity and conceptual thinking in schools. The founders, Rita J. King and Joshua Fouts, created as a resource for teachers and parents with ideas that help foster imagination and teach kids to collaborate while problem solving.

“A truly collaborative approach to problem solving is a necessity, and a recognition of the importance not only of science and mathematics, but of creativity, art and music to amplify learning. Einstein credits some of his greatest breakthroughs in insight to his violin breaks, which connected different parts of his brain in new ways.”

I find the idea behind this site pretty fantastic.

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Act Bolder

Act Bolder is a site that helps people to trigger and discover experiences that make the world a little better, one action at a time. You can start a challenge yourself or browse through the challenge catalogue and do positive actions to earn rewards. Anyone can respond to a challenge and earn a reward. Every challenge is a unique creation started by businesses or people. Challenges pose a request for users to take action, have a little fun, and be part of something that drives positive change.

Here are some examples:

Go completely waste-free for a day
Say no to disposable bag at check-out
Make a regular work meeting a walk meeting

If enough people meet the challenge, the person posing it has to do something in return. For example: Eric A claims that if 25 people go waste-free for a day he’ll go waste-free for a week! But the site goes beyond the personal challenges, it invites companies to pose challenges..

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A new UN report suggests that governments now should take forward the agenda that progressive companies and NGOs have developed

In an article at Ethical Corporation, ‘Governments are contemplating what they can do at next year’s sustainable development conference in Rio de Janeiro to encourage a greater contribution from the private sector.’

‘The 2011 edition of the respected UNCTAD World Investment Report (WIR) devotes a section on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its review of significant global policy developments. As the UN’s lead agency mandated with promoting the integration of developing countries into the world economy, UNCTAD’s focus on CSR reflects a further maturation of the subject.’

To read more visit,

Source: Gemma/Ethical Corporation

dbda re-brands BMW Education to become BMW Group Education

The Education Programme, which has a long-established commitment to supporting education across the UK, was launched over 17 years ago as part of BMW’s corporate responsibility commitment providing schools with free, curricular-linked and award-winning educational resources covering the themes of Science and Technology (Young Academy), Energy and the Environment (Energised and Clean Energy) and road safety (Safe on the Street).

Read more

Play with your rubbish

These playful floor stickers made me chuckle. It’s an initiative by the city of Lucerne (Switzerland) to get people to notice and use garbage cans. What a fun idea!

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