The Impossible Project – Instant Film

Polaroid announced that it would stop producing instant film in 2008, and if it wasn’t for 10 former Polaroid employees and The Impossible Project the story would have ended there. Amazingly the small team was able to save instant film from extinction by creating a new instant film! Finally my old camera can come out of hiding.

dbda, Studio MF


Submarine – film

New film by Richard Ayoade. Doesn’t it look charming? I think so 🙂


MF, Studio, dbda

In A Flash: Meet the Ansteys (Intro)

This hard-hitting and unique, multimedia resource developed by dbda on behalf of London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) aims to address key issues faced by young people in their pre driving and early driving years. It is based around an emotive storyline where the lives of five young people are changed forever, in one night. Take a look at the first of nine parts.

Giant Stinson Beach Bubbles

How stunning is this!?


Bubble-smith Sterling Johnson on Stinson Beach
Canon 550D T2i test footage, music by

MF, Studio, dbda

a beautiful French film..

An ad for the EF Language School.
If you weren’t thinking about learning French already, you might now. Stunning videography and graphics. Love love love this!

Here are some stills but please click on the link because not sure how to upload the video!

Video: Directed by Gustav Johansson, D.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf, Typography: Albin Holmqvist, Produced at Camp David

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