Career colleges to teach pupils to become carers

Thousands of pupils will be able to learn how to become carers and chefs in a new network of ‘career colleges.’

The colleges will see pupils taught practical skills for work, while they continue studying for GCSEs in maths, English and science.

Under plans for the new centres teenagers will be able to leave school two years earlier at 14 and go to one of the colleges to learn more vocational skills.

It is hoped the ‘career colleges’ will plug a skills gap in England and help to reduce the number of people who are unemployed.

“By starting at 14, youngsters have a head start in preparing for the world of work as they do in Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands, where youth unemployment is much lower,” Lord Baker of Dorking, who will publish the plans today, told The Independent.

He said it was “about time” the skills gap in the UK was filled with “our own young people” rather than people from overseas being brought in because they had the skills needed.

Lord Baker said the aim of the career colleges was to ensure every 16 to 18-year-old was in work or educational or vocational training when they left school. The latest government figures show there are more than 200,000 in this age range who are not in employment, education or training (Neet).


Check out Alzheimer’s ‘Brain Map’ for iPhone

Alzheimer’s Society iPhone app Brain Map has been developed so that everyone can learn more about the brain and dementia. You can snap a photo of your friend’s brain and then rotate our 3D model to examine the different parts of the brain and find out what each bit does.

What does the cerebellum control? Why is the brain stem so important? Just what is the limbic system? Find out the answers to all these questions and more by downloading our free Brain Map iPhone app.

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Apprenticeships Week: Government backing

7-13 February is ‘Apprenticeships’ week which has received backing from Government –

‘Prime Minister David Cameron gives backing to Apprenticeships’

‘Cable urges more business to say ‘you’re hired’ to an apprentice’



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Schools fail pupils on financial capability

Schools are neglecting to effectively teach financial capability as part of personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), a government commissioned report has found.

The study, by Sheffield Hallam University, found that school staff frequently viewed the economic wellbeing part of PSHE education as separate to wider PSHE teaching. This meant the subject was rarely properly integrated into PSHE lessons.
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Learn STEM, find hamburgers for aliens

Last year US President Barack Obama initiated the National STEM Video Game Challenge, and now this has borne fruit in the form of Mission Earth: The Search for Hamburgers. The Video Game Challenge’s official web site showcases many more games like it.

Source: Kotaku (Jamie)

Employers want apprentices, not graduates

Results of a poll of more than 500 employers reveal that many would rather take on an apprentice than hire a graduate. The findings paint a picture of a return to the days when school-leavers were articled or took up apprenticeships and started earning a wage before returning to some form of work-placed study. The poll, conducted by City and Guilds, shows that 52% of those companies which already recruit apprentices believe they offer greater value than hiring graduates.

Source: The Independent (full article:

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