2010 National Travel Survey published..

 The 2010 National Travel Survey (NTS) is the latest in an established series of household surveys of personal travel in Great Britain. The NTS has been running continuously since 1988, following previous ad hoc surveys. The survey is primarily designed to track long term development of trends in travel, although short term changes can also be detected.

NTS data is collected via two main sources – interviews with people in their homes, and a diary that they keep for a week to record their travel. The NTS covers travel by all age groups, including children. In 2010, diary data was collected from 8,100 households, covering over 19,000 individuals. Read more of this post


Trail Tales – walking can be fun!

The Ramblers, the Department of Health and Action for Children, wanted to develop a suite of motivational and educational materials to encourage regular independent walking close to home as part of everyday life for families with young children.

dbda designed and developed this colourfully engaging suite of printed Trail Tales materials for the Ramblers. The printed resources (18 story books, log book, stickers, walking guides and picture cards) were based on six walking themes, targeted at three age groups of pre-school and junior school children, their parents and carers and the Ramblers walking guides.

Through the summer of 2009 over 100 people from families across Barrow-in-Furness walked with the Ramblers at Action for Children Centres.

Here’s the story of one of the participants:

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