Functioning Lego greenhouse

“This fantastic greenhouse made entirely of Lego bricks was just unveiled at the 2011 London Design Festival. Designed by Sebastian Bergne, it is made up of around 100,000 Lego bricks. All parts of the greenhouse are made from Lego elements, including, reportedly, the “earth,” which would seem to imply that the very real vegetables growing inside are sustained hydroponically.”

(via MAKE)

How cool is this! Real stuff made of toys 🙂

MF, studio, dbda

Bringing toys to life

Came across this set of Toy Photography on Phototuts+ and thought how beautiful (mostly) they were. Could be a lovely animation style to make a character model and shoot it in real world settings!

MF, Studio, dbda

Aled Lewis: Toy Stories

Hilar­i­ous pieces by Aled Lewis, which are part of his Make Something Cool Every Day project for 2011. There’s a whole lot more to the series, which you can see on Flickr or Tumblr. As well as being funny, I think the way he has photographed the tiny toys makes them come to life!

MF, Studio, dbda

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