Wake-up call over religious education

A damning report by MPs on standards of Religious Education teaching in schools should be a “wake-up call” to Michael Gove, the Church of England has warned.

An inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on RE found that more than half of those teaching it in primary schools have no qualifications in the subject.

In at least a quarter of cases it is relegated to teaching assistants who often receive little support, training or guidance, the MPs said.

They also found that there had been a “dramatic” reduction in support for RE teachers as a result of local funding cuts and the Government’s academies programme.

And the removal of bursaries for students training to teach RE has led to a “radical” drop in applicants, the committee added.

They concluded that this risks allowing a generation of young people to grow up in ignorance about religion at a time when Britain is more diverse than ever before.

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