Independence Day – how will you ensure yours?

The 4th of July, USA Independence Day is a marker to not only commemorate the US Declaration of Independence in 1776 but to address our own view of independence. How do we exercise our own freedoms to ensure our own personal safety? Do we think about how we can do things better and to help others live in a safer environment free from danger? Whether you’re a parent, teacher or employee you will all have a stake in the personal safety of those around you.

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In A Flash: Meet the Ansteys (Intro)

This hard-hitting and unique, multimedia resource developed by dbda on behalf of London Safety Camera Partnership (LSCP) aims to address key issues faced by young people in their pre driving and early driving years. It is based around an emotive storyline where the lives of five young people are changed forever, in one night. Take a look at the first of nine parts.

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