Does money really talk?

‘My Money Week’ takes place from the 3rd to the 9th of June and schools from all over the UK are gearing up for a week full of jam-packed events and initiatives to help young people learn about financial education.

Former private banker Vivi Friedgut is the author of Money Smarter, a family guide to finances, and welcomes the initiative but suggests that financial education at school should be supported at home.

Vivi says: “Parents are the most influential force in any child’s life; both by what they do and what they say. Financial education in schools is crucial but it complements what is learnt at home – it cannot replace it.

“Since I’ve become involved in teaching financial education to children & students, it’s apparent that many have not had ‘the money talk’ or been engaged in financial conversations with their parents; which is surprising, as critical aspects of responsible money management are best learnt in a real life situations.

“Understanding instant gratification, appreciating the difference between needs and wants and comprehending the consequences of decisions can be heightened by observing parents, as opposed to solely within the confines of a classroom.”

My Money Week is hosted by pfeg who provide schools with free resources, lesson plans, activity packs, competitions, national challenges, one to one consultancy support and a dedicated website for the financial education initiative .

The likes of The Saturdays, Sir Chris Hoy and Tinchy Strider have previously encouraged people to take part by being ambassadors and setting challenges for students.

Schools have hosted fashion shows and fetes, taken part in gardening projects, debates, young peoples’ parliaments, peer mentoring projects, community economy projects and used maths, English, drama, PSHE education, citizenship, enterprise and geography to deliver excellent financial education.

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