Minister calls for computer science education “revolution”

The UK minister for culture, communications and creative industry has called for a revolution in the way computer science is taught in our schools. Fearing a future drop in the number of students able to properly write programs (as opposed to those able to simply operate programs such as word processors and spreadsheets), Mr. Vaizey hopes to bring a “stronger” computer science curriculum to secondary schools.


Update: Dr. Richard Wilson of TIGA has responded to Ed Vaizey’s comments. (via EDGE)

Gaming industry veteran introduces $25 computer, laments lack of computer science in schools

Veteran programmer David Braben has launched the Raspberry Pi (via a UK-registered charity, the Raspberry Pi Foundation), a $25 computer only slightly larger than a 20p piece, in the hope of rekindling an interest in computer science and programming in children, something he feels has been lacking from the UK curriculum in recent years.

Full story via EDGE via the BBC.

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