95% of drivers speed on motorways.

Autocar research has  revealed that 94.6% of motorists admit to breaking the speed limit on the motorway.  Only 3.5% of survey respondents never accelerate past the 70mph limit and 1.9% don’t know if they speed or not. 

The research carried lastweekend by Autocar, highlighted that 6.1% of motorists always drive at 90mph on motorways, 20mph over the speed limit.

Jim Holder, Autocar Editor said: “With such a high proportion of motorists breaking the speed limit, it seems that The Prime Minister David Cameron looking at raising the motorway speed limit will be popular with the motorist.  41.5% of the Autocar survey respondents would like to see a higher speed limit.  However, if David Cameron wants a real vote winner he’d be better off putting something back in motorists’ hard hit pockets by cutting fuel duty.”

59% of motorists would not be backing any initiatives to introduce any increase in speeding penalties.

80.7% of survey respondents do not believe that raising the speed limit would damage the government’s environmental credentials.

Survey Results in full are listed below:

How often, if at all, do you break the speed limit on the motorway/highway, even if only by a fraction?

Always  37.3%
Nearly every day  23.7%
A few times a week   12.2%
A few times a month   11.9%
Less than often     9.5%
Never  3.5%
Don’t know  1.9%

How often, if at all, do you break the speed limit on the motorway/highway by more than 20mph?

Always  6.1%
Nearly every day  8%
A few times a week   11.8%
A few times a month   16.1%
Less often than this 30.5%
Never  25.5%
Don’t know  2%

If the speed limit was raised, would you be in favour of a corresponding increase in penalties for speeding?

Yes  34.7%
No   59%
Don’t know  6.3%

In your view, would raising the speed limit damage the government’s environmental credentials?

Yes, a great deal 7.2%
Yes, a fair amount   10.1%
No, not very much  36.9%
No, not at all  43.8%
Don’t know  2%

Which of the following motoring initiatives would you most like to see introduced?

A higher speed limit  41.5%
Less road works  13.8%
More roads  7.7%
More police on the roads  16.1%
Fewer speed cameras   16.4%
None of these 4.3%

Age of survey respondents

Under 24 14.4%
25-34 25.9%
35-44   27.3%
45-54   17.3%
55-64  9.3%
65-74  3.6%
75+  1%
Rather not say   1.1%

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