Slow drivers to pull over?

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has urged the Government to bring in laws that would make it compulsory for motorists who drive their cars dangerously slowly to pull in so that faster vehicles can pass according to the RAC.

The drivers’ group said such a move is necessary to reduce congestion, as well as to improve road safety and make driving less stressful for motorists.

The latest call follows publication of a study by comparison website, which showed that three out of five drivers experience an increase in stress levels and a heightened irritability when faced with a vehicle that moves slower than the rest of the traffic.

However, the Association refused to back measures proposed by the comparison website of using cameras to enforce minimum speed limits.

Brian Gregory, chairman of the ABD, said: “If everybody drove at the speed a reasonable person would expect to travel, the roads would be much safer, less stressful places for all.

“Unfortunately there will always be those who wish to travel either dangerously fast or far too slow – causing congestion and prompting rash behaviour.”


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One Response to Slow drivers to pull over?

  1. Ford Dallas says:

    Definitely a good law that will decrease congestion. I’ve seen many instances of slow drivers in the fast lane backing up traffic for a mile. Slow drivers in the fast lane also force everyone else to pass them on the right which can be dangerous.

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