New Schools Driver Education Programme in W Sussex

 A new scheme will give away state-of-the-art driver training software to every young driver across West Sussex.

With support from RoadSafe, the Sussex Air Ambulance, WSCC Road Safety Unit, the Safer Roads Partnership and the Fire & Rescue Service, the campaign will see Drive iQ software given away to schools, colleges, and novice drivers across West Sussex to reduce the number of young people crashing on the county’s roads.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for more than basic instructional driving lessons for young people before they take to the roads.
The hi-tech software is designed to aid maturation of the frontal lobe of the brain by using cutting-edge driver behaviour principles.  Novice drivers are guided through the e-learning module based course which includes; eye scanning, distraction, hazard perception, being a responsible passenger, mobile phone use and much more.  Drive iQ hones those skills that are often neglected by young drivers such as, anticipating danger, emotion and emotional response, impulse, eye movement and assessing risk.


About dbda
dbda is a corporate social responsibility consultancy embracing education and safety in the community. We are privileged to work with a large number of blue chip corporate clients, Government organisations, charitable bodies, Institutes and local authorities. We also have a network of schools, professional bodies, associations, universities and partners, with whom we regularly work in collaboration.

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