Amazing Composite Street Photographs of New York City

Photographer Peter Funch stakes out busy New York City street corners, capturing hundreds of moments over the course of several weeks from the same spot. Then, he superimposes these real scenes into one surreal super scene. Suddenly, every single person in Times Square is a picture-snapping tourist. Everyone on a Lower East Side street has a little dog. Everyone is yawning. Everyone has balloons. In his series Babel Tales he zooms in on human similarities and collective behaviour creating a poetic and detailed picture of each persons presence both as an individual and as part of a community.



MF, studio, dbda


About dbda
dbda is a corporate social responsibility consultancy embracing education and safety in the community. We are privileged to work with a large number of blue chip corporate clients, Government organisations, charitable bodies, Institutes and local authorities. We also have a network of schools, professional bodies, associations, universities and partners, with whom we regularly work in collaboration.

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