Low literacy levels – the problem continues

In a report by the CBI, the employer’s organization showed that 42% of companies are not satisfied with the basic English skills of those who they recruit and 17% are worried about the low literacy skills of graduates.

The Evening Standard has recently initiated a Get London Reading campaign inviting members of the public to become volunteer readers in London schools. The campaign has already received huge support from politicians, writers, illustrators and celebrities. HRH the Duchess of Cornwall as patron of the National Literacy Trust has also leant her support.

With London businesses discarding four in 10 job applications due to poor spelling and grammar we also realise that this isn’t just a London issue, it’s nationwide.

Improving the current state of literacy in the UK is vital. At dbda, we believe passionately that encouraging children to read at an early age is key to having a promising future and getting a job.  We have long held the belief that the acquisition of literacy skills in early years is a key factor in a child’s development, in every way, emotionally, socially, intellectually and behaviourally.

Our UK road safety programme, The Children’s Traffic Club which has been running for the last 20 years, has distributed over 2 milllion books to children of the age of three to four.  We strongly believe that teaching them at this age sets a strong foundation for sustained literacy that should be built on, not only for the child but also the parent.  In addition, our 26 little A-Z books are successfully using literacy to teach life-saving road safety issues to the 4- 7 age group.

Education Secretary, Michael Gove, has also warned that low literacy levels are threatening the future employability of young people with the concentration of low reading levels in poor areas, so the push is on to get them started young!  With the Evening Standard stating phonics as a key part of literacy learning, dbda also support this endeavour as we have developed with our clients, free online interactive story books that are narrated helping children to match the sound of words as they highlight and are being read aloud. The free books enable every child in the UK to read online and can be used either on PCs or class interactive whiteboards.

To view and use these free interactive story books, visit www.nationwideeducation.co.uk,  www.nationalgrideducation.com/primary/index.php.



About dbda
dbda is a corporate social responsibility consultancy embracing education and safety in the community. We are privileged to work with a large number of blue chip corporate clients, Government organisations, charitable bodies, Institutes and local authorities. We also have a network of schools, professional bodies, associations, universities and partners, with whom we regularly work in collaboration.

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