Heath and Safety Community has crucial role to play in the future.

 The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents believes the wider health and safety community     has an even more critical preventative and advisory role to play due to a shift in regulatory emphasis announced yesterday 21 March by Chris Grayling, the Minister for Work and Pensions.

Outlining a series of steps, he said that health and safety inspections would be cut by at least a third, with future automatic inspections focusing on “high risk” locations, such as major energy facilities, and on “rogue employers”. Such rogue employers would have to pay the cost of investigations into their activities if they showed them to be in breach of health and safety law. A review of all existing health and safety law, with a view to scrapping unnecessary measures, was also announced, as was a new online advice package for small and “low risk” employers. All the measures are contained within “Good Health and Safety, Good for Everyone”, which is published  by the Department for Work and Pensions

Roger Bibbings, RoSPA’s occupational safety adviser, said: “Bearing down on over-zealousness when dealing with trivial risks and eradicating red tape are echoed again in today’s announcements but we must not forget that there are still major health and safety issues to be tackled, including work-related health damage which is now accounting for many more lives lost than injury due to accidents. The Health and Safety Executive is having to refocus its efforts to operate within a budget that is being reduced by 35 per cent by 2014-15. We welcome the Government’s intention to concentrate enforcement on cowboy employers and to charge them, where necessary, for the cost of this work.

“We also want to feed into the review which the Government has announced of the architecture of health and safety regulation. The number of separate regulations has grown over the years, although we continue to take the view that there is nothing essentially wrong with the Health and Safety at Work Act which lies at the heart of health and safety law and has proportionality built in. However, we fully agree that, where possible, the structure of both regulatory duties and accompanying guidance should be simplified so they are easier to understand and apply. We also agree with the Government that where employers cannot manage health and safety in-house they should seek competent external advice. Not enough businesses are doing this and the new Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register, going ‘live’ today, is designed to help businesses and organisations to find the advice they need.

  • The new framework, Good Health and safety, Good for Everyone, is available at: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/health-and-safety
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