Frogs on their last legs or on ‘the toad to nowhere’?

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The Old Newton Environmental Group (ONEG) in the northeast of England have decided to lend a helping hand to the local frog population by putting up signs along  a road in their village to reduce the number of frog road deaths.

The signs as well giving advice to drivers also give essential road safety information to the amphibians, advising them that high-vis jackets would help them be seen when crossing the ‘killer’  road.

Arthur Nunn, who lives in the village, asked ONEG if anything could be done to help the frogs after noticing many were being killed hopping across the road last year.

Mr Nunn said: “If we keep letting them get run over eventually they will be an endangered species.”

Roger Stearn and other ONEG members made the signs in the hope that drivers will slow down and avoid running over the crossing frogs


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