PR professionals should improve their skills in areas such as interactive games and infographics to prepare for NewsCorp’s Daily iPad newspaper app being launched in the UK.

NewsCorp unveiled its fully digital global newspaper app on Wednesday – purely for the US market for now, but with the UK expected to come online in the near future.

Diffusion PR MD Daljit Bhurji said of the product: ‘The Daily is a huge step forward in interactive editorial content, and the PR world needs to think seriously about investing in interactive games, infographics and video to bring stories to life.’

But Bhurji added a cautionary note: ‘The key issue will be who is asked to meet the cost of developing this bespoke content for the ipad platform, the publisher or the client? Given the Daily’s current reach, will clients see a real ROI?’

Ogilvy 360° Digital Influence strategy director Leo Ryan has suggested that the app means that PROs will have to start thinking purely about digital for the first time.

‘The metrics of success in digital are different – click through rates not ABCs – and the strategies for achieving them are also different – SEO’d link-bait not crafted headlines.’

Ryan went on to suggest that PROs learn from what works in other digital news formats such as blogging by developing stories into lists of top tips and thinking about search terms.

‘Perhaps I exaggerate to make a point, but what the Daily portends is that we need to start thinking a lot more aggressively about what attracts distracted digital readers, because that’s what the Daily’s editors will be looking for,’ added Ryan.

Speed Communications MD Stephen Waddington said that apps are a ‘tremendous opportunity’ for PRs to pitch content such as audio and video, and ‘achieve much deeper coverage than is possible with traditional media.’

Ketchum Pleon head of consultancy Avril Lee said: ‘As a global paper its going to have a lot of different audiences to engage and win – a great opportunity but a tough challenge.

‘The good news from a PR viewpoint is that the Daily will have a constant need for unique, interactive and visual content – and it better be outstanding for the paper to get cut through – and agencies that can deliver that for the right story must have a better chance of coverage.’

Source: PR Week online (Gemma)


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